Big Sky Biggie
2024 Courses

First, this race would not be possible without the cooperation and generosity of several land owners and managers in the Big Sky area.  Our courses travel in and out of private and public lands.  Putting the routes together, while being mindful of hazards, roads, horse traffic, easements and just good ole’ fashioned manners was not easy.   There were numerous conversations, edits, phone calls, meetings, more edits, and then more favors being asked.

50 Mile Course

Total Miles: Approx 50 miles
85% Singletrack 
Around 7,500′ + Elevation Gain
Average Finish Time: between 5 and 7 hours (Fastest is 4.5 hours / Slowest is 8.5 hours)

We’ve shrunk our previous 60 mile course down to 50 miles.  IT IS STILL VERY HARD!

We have an improved start waive and neutral roll-out schedule.   You’ll ride a newer piece of singletrack that connects the Poop Chute doubletrack to the Big Sky Resort Mountain Village.   And you’ll sample some of the private trails in the Spanish Peaks Community.   We swap the direction of the Yellowmules Loop each year and for 2024 you’ll be riding the Mules in the counter-clockwise direction:  Up Second Yellowmule and Down First Yellowmule – giddyup!

Note:  There is a 1pm Time Cut-Off at Aid Station #3.   Read more »

30 Mile Course

Total Miles: Approx 32 miles this year
85% Singletrack 
Around 4,200′ + Elevation Gain
Average Finish Time: between 3.5 and 4 hours (Fastest is sub 3 hours / Slowest is 6 hours)

The 30 mile course is the same as the 2023 course.  You’ll get to ride the newer section in the Spanish Peaks neighborhood between the bottom of Mountain to Meadow and Fishcamp.   Our course also includes the newer Mountain to Meadow track, Fish Camp, and the same finish into town via First Yellow Mule -> Ralph’s -> Uplands -> Hummocks.

15 Mile Course

This course is perfect for beginners and juniors.  This 15-mile loop features all the best town trails.   Almost all of the climbing on this course will be done at the beginning on pavement, although there is one sneaky switchback section on Ralph’s Pass that’ll raise your heart-rate.

Your Aid Station

There is one Aid Station on your course, right at the halfway mark.   This Aid Station is also known as Aid Station #3 (because it’s the third aid station in the full 60 mile course).   This Aid Station will be stocked with water, Skratch hydration, and snacks.   There are no spectators allowed at this Aid Station.   Period.   The footprint for this aid station is very small.  Having extra traffic or vehicles attempting to access this Aid Station poses a safety risk for the entire field of racers, and puts our permit in jeopardy.

Time Cut-Offs

Look, nobody wants to pull you from the race.  Our whole mission is to provide you with an amazing day on the bike and watch you succeed.  However, we have 9 different use permits and agreement with land-owners for this event, which require us to vacate their land so that their normal daily operations may continue.  We rely on volunteers who donate their entire day to the event.   But we need to have their safety in mind and will not ask them to stay out on the course for longer than is reasonable.    We ask that you have these priorities in mind if we ask you to scratch from the event.

Time cut-off for the 60 Mile Course is at Aid Station #3 at 1:00pm
If 60 Mile racers have not arrived to Aid Station #3 (Critical Junction) by 1:00pm, then they will be routed to the finish, using the 30 mile course.  They will be a DNF for their event.

There are no official time cut-offs for the 30 or 15 Mile Courses at this time. 
However, if our safety team and sweepers determine that it’s in the best interest of the race for you to scratch at a certain point, we will ask you to do so.


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