Bears do not care that there is a race in progress. Bikers running into bears is a real issue. I love this interview with Rose Grant, where she says, “I always – no matter what – ride with bear spray that’s readily at hand. They make these cool little mock water bottles that fit into your bike cage with the bear spray, and I’ll often carry it that way, but sometimes I just take it in a back pocket of my jersey.”

If you are doing the Big Sky Biggie 50 Mile Course, we especially urge you to please carry bear spray. We can’t make you, and it’s not required this year, but we cannot stress the importance of having it with you. Bears are frequently seen on the Yellow Mule Forest Service trails, part of the rugged and desolate Mules section of the 50 Course. Chances are, you’ll be riding alone at that point in the race.

If you are racing the 30 Mile Course, it’s probably less of a concern, but we still encourage it – it’s a good practice to get into carrying bear spray.

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