Lodging, Accommodations and Camping

The Biggie Start/Finish Venue is located at the Wilson Hotel Plaza, on Town Center Avenue.
Check out our list below for lodging options and some additional information on where to stay.
Please note our Driving Directions and Parking Instructions »


Host Sponsor – Big Sky Resort

Go to to book your hotel room or call Central Reservations at (800) 548-4486, option 2 and referencing The Big Sky Biggie 2019

There is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING at Big Sky Resort.   Please respect this policy.   Big Sky Resort is generously providing access to their trails and safety patrol for the Biggie.   You can park in their skier lots during the event – all day long.  Oh, and don’t forget to check-out their downhill biking activities »


There are no campgrounds in the town of Big Sky, but there are a couple of campgrounds on the Gallatin highway just north and south of the Big Sky spur road.   Camping is ONLY allowed in designated camping sites.   Please, do NOT attempt to camp in any of the parks around Big Sky or at the race headquarters.

Red Cliff Campground

This is the closest campground to the race headquarters, just a few miles south of Big Sky town center, right on the Gallatin River.  Beautiful spot!

Website »

Moose Creek Flat Campground

This campground has 13 individual sites and one group site.   It’s right on the side of the busy Gallatin highway, directly on the shores of the Gallatin River.   Located approximately 20 minute drive from the race headquarters.


Other Hotel & Lodging Options

The Wilson Hotel is literally at the Biggie Start/Finish Venue.  It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that! 

Bucks T-4 Lodge is another popular spot, and only a 10 minute drive to our venue.

Additional Vacation Rental Options

Check out Two Pine Properties Vacation Rentals for some great deals on lodging »

Be sure to check VRBO and AirBnB for good deals too.

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