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Kids Race Details - Friday, August 27

Hello Parents,

We are getting super excited to host the Little Biggie Kids Races this Friday night.   We've got a great group registered so far:  23 athletes in the Age 10-18 category, and 31 little ones in the 9 and under grouping.    If we have enough kiddos on balance bikes, then we can make another category just for them.


Our race venue is located at the Town Center Plaza, in front of the Wilson Hotel.   There is a large parking lot located one block south.  Please do not park at the Wilson Hotel.  You can refer to our venue and parking map on our website.


5:30pm - 9 and Under Race
6:00pm - Ages 10-18 Race

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes earlier to get your racer checked-in and ready for the event.


These races are a short-track lap format.   We will have a fun short lap course with a mix of terrain (pavement, wood chips, dirt) that the racers will ride around for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, we do a "bell lap" announcing to the athletes that they get one more lap, and then they finish.   This is going to be a very spectator friendly course, which parents can walk around to help the little ones, take pictures and cheer.   We will most likely make the little kids track shorter than the bigger kids track.


We are not going to "time" the 9 and Under Race.  It should be viewed as a "fun" race.   Every participant will get a little goody bag at the finish.

We will "time" the 10-18 Ages Race, and have awards for the top 5 boys and top 5 girls.  Every racer will also get a goody bag at the finish.

We'll have snacks and bubbly water and juices for the kids.


The weather forecast is looking a little chilly.  Please dress accordingly!   We will have the race, rain or shine. 


We could definitely use some parent volunteers during the event to help with getting the kids lined-up and just general help with awards, etc...  If any parent would like to volunteer to help us with setting the course, please reach out to me directly.

Questions?  Reach out and ask!

BIGGIE Race Director,
Natalie Osborne
907 223 0858

50 and 30 Mile Race Details - Saturday, August 28

Dear Racers,

The 3rd Annual Big Sky Biggie is just three days away and we couldn't be more excited to host you in beautiful Big Sky, Montana.   Read thoroughly below for details pertaining to the schedule, safety concerns and festivities.

Our start/finish and race venue is located in the Big Sky Town Center Plaza, in front of the Wilson Hotel.   This road will be blocked off to traffic.   Please park in the designated parking areas, and do NOT park at the Wilson Hotel (unless you are a guest).

Map of parking and driving directions »

You can pick up your racer packet during these times:
Friday, August 27: 4pm - 7pm
Saturday, August 28: 6:30am - 7:40am

Please try to get your packet on Friday night.
You may have a friend pick-up your packet for you, as well.


7:10am: ROLL CALL for the 50 Mile Course
7:30am: RACE START for the 50 Mile Course

7:40am: ROLL CALL for the 30 Mile Course
8:00am: RACE START for the 30 Mile Course

See our complete Event Schedule here »


  • As of today, the weather forecast is looking good for Saturday.
  • Dress warm and in layers.  You'll warm up with the first 2k of climbing on North Fork, but it's going to be damn cold at the start line.
  • You can drop clothes at Aid Station #1 and volunteers will bring it back to the venue, but we cannot be held accountable if something gets lost.
  • Air Quality has been inconsistent the past few days in Big Sky.  Like elsewhere in southwest Montana, it just depends on the wind patterns.


You can read our COVID statement here »


Folks, this is grizzly (and black bear) country.  There have been several sightings of bears in the past week, and I just received another bear sighting from a rider on the course today.


There are several methods for how to carry it as a mountain biker, and we don't want to get into a debate of which way is best.  We just want you to know that it is recommended.   Take a cue from the locals around here and take the bear spray.


You'll cross the finish line in Town Center and be welcomed with food, beer, and a party!   Once you've caught your breath and high-fived your support crew, look for the MAP Brewing tent.  We'll also have a cooler with N/A beverages:  bubbly water, soda, chocolate milk (my personal favorite!)

With a shortage of workers in this town (and every small resort town), we were unable to procure a food truck or even get a catered post-race meal.  So, we are doing this party old-school style - we're grillin'!   We'll have a couple of hot grill with brats, salty snacks and whatever you didn't consume at the Aid Stations.  If you are vegan or uncomfortable with someone else grilling and serving you food, please plan accordingly and bring a picnic.

Get a drink, grab a brat, and stroll around the venue.  If you see Alan McClain from Big Sky Landscaping, tell him thanks for being one of our primary sponsors and for racing 🙂

First stop might be the Lone Peak Physical Therapy recovery tent!   After that, check out the custom SYNC Vans parked around the plaza and try out #vanlife for a hot minute.   Need more recovery?  Visit Kaley at the Big Sky Natural Health tent, or stop by the Bozeman Health ConnectionCaremobile.

Awards will be at 2pm.   HOWEVER, we will present awards for full podiums prior to 2pm, if the racers are asking us to.   When we have racers finishing hours apart from one another, it's impossible to please everyone.  If weather isn't pleasant, it's reasonable that folks want to leave and get on the road... or get to their own wedding on time 😉   But it's also important to us and our sponsors to recognize athletes together, in front of a crowd.  We will do our best to find a compromise in there somewhere.

We have TWO Climb Challenges this year!

The MonTANNER Award
In celebration of the life of Tanner Scott Noble and sponsored by the Live Noble Foundation, this is the original North Fork Climb Challenge from the 2018 and 2019 courses.  Except this year, only the 30 Mile Course participants are eligible to win it.  Yep, that's right.  All of a sudden the 30 Mile racers are paying attention.

The Mule Skinner Award
New this year!   The entire Mules Loop (with Lollypop) in the 50 Mile Course is the segment for this award.   Route:  Up First Yellow Mule, take a right on Second Yellow Mule, across Buck Ridge, down First Yellow Mule and back out to the paved road.   You'll know when you are on the "challenge" because you'll cross over a timing mat on your way out, and cross back over it on your way back in.  But for the love of cycling, do NOT overdo it at the Whiskey+Bacon Station on top of First YM, and out-ride your capabilities on the descent.  If we have any major injuries from this, we will never do the Mule Skinner Award again!  We're putting a lot of trust in you - don't let us down.

Big Sky Beast Award
The Big Sky Biggie is just half of the Big Sky Beast Award.  For those incredibly talented (and slightly weird) athletes who choose to ride the Biggie and then Run the Rut just one week later, we applaud your strange addiction to pain.  Can't wait to see who takes these trophies home after the Rut!

And of course - American Bank is bringing the cash to the 50 Mile Course Overall Podium!   Equal payouts to men and women, because it's the 21st Century.

OUR SPONSORS are amazing!   These businesses have supported us and we hope you'll support them when making a decision about where to shop.

OUR VOLUNTEERS are killing it - for you!

As soon as I hit "send" I'll think of something I forgot to tell you, or a sponsor I forgot to mention.  That's why you need to make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram - it's the best way to receive updates.

Finally, I just want to say how wonderful it is to be putting on our 3rd Annual Big Sky Biggie.  We've missed our Biggie riders!   We are still a new race and appreciate your support and participation.   The Biggie wouldn't exist if you didn't show up to the starting line - so kudos to you!

Let's be safe this weekend.    Let's be kind to one another.   Let's not forget how lucky we are to be able to have this race.  Don't get cranky.

Presented By

With tremendous support from these Primary Sponsors in 2021

WONDERBUILD.com - Official Sponsor of the Big Sky Biggie

And our 2021 Supporting Sponsors

Spanish Peaks Community Foundation - proud sponsor of Big Sky Bigge mountain bike race