If you’re registered for the 50 Mile Course, we highly suggest pre-riding the Yellow Mules at least once prior to race day.    The loop is roughly 18 miles with 2,800 ft of vertical gain.   We suggest riding this loop earlier in the day to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms.   The trail is often wet and sometimes still snowy in late June and early July.   But we think by mid-July it will be ready to ride.

There are two trails that make up the Yellow Mules loop, First Yellow Mule and Second Yellow Mule.    The 50 Mile Course racers will ride Second Yellow Mule up, connect to First Yellow Mule at the top of Buck Ridge, and then ride First Yellow Mule down, and connect to Ralph’s Pass/Uplands to the finish.

For the sake of pre-riding, we suggest parking at the Ousel Falls Trailhead and riding Ousel Falls Trail to First Yellow Mule.   After a couple of miles, you’ll come to a junction, where you’ll go right on Second Yellow Mule and do the entire loop counter-clockwise.   People ride this loop either direction, so just be aware of two-direction traffic.   Bear spray and bear bells are recommended.