The Biggie Crew needs you.

Events like this don’t happen without the support and participation from volunteers.  It takes an entire community to put on a successful mountain bike race, and we need you!


Volunteer Roles

All volunteers must be 18 or older.  Under 18 must be with an adult and are only eligible for Aid Station group duties.  Bottom line is this:  If you want to help, but nothing below looks enticing to you, please reach out directly to us and we can figure out a volunteer spot that fits your skills!



  • Need to have first-hand knowledge of the Big Sky trails system, roads and courses.
  • Course marking volunteers work in pairs, shuttling with a vehicle where we can to save time.
  • Must be proficient on a mountain bike.
  • Bring a large backpack to carry course-marking supplies.
  • We meet each day as a group to strategize and share our course marking methods.  

When:  Friday, August 25 from 10am – 3pm
Location:  Aspen Leaf Drive, between Ousel and Simkins.   


  • This is labor intensive and you’ll be asked to lift and carry items.  
  • Assist with setting up the race venue – start/finish arch, tents, tables.
  • Ability to run errands in your vehicle (in the local Big Sky area).
  • Setup for the Kids Race Course.
  • Unloading boxes and equipment from our racer trailer.

When:  Saturday, August 25, times will vary based on what Aid Station you are working at.

  • Teams of 3-5.  This is a great opportunity for groups
  • Transport tent and supplies to designated Aid Station location
  • Set up tent and organize supplies. We will let you know where your aid station is, how to get there, when you should arrive and be setup.
  • Assist racers as needed.
  • Tear down, clean up, and return all items to the start/finish after you have been released from the race organizer.

We recognize the critical role that medical staff and EMT providers play in ensuring the safety and well-being of our participants.  We are seeking dedicated and skilled volunteers to join our event medical team.   

See the full volunteer description here »


  • You’ll be posted at place in the course to help racers navigate through road crossings, high-traffic areas, or tricky sections in the course.
  • We will have plenty of signage, warning flags and other tools you may need.   Most of the road crossings in the race course are fairly low traffic areas, but it can be difficult for traffic to see the race participants due to twisting roads.
  • Your priority is the safety of all race participants, spectators and traffic.

We will be doing the course sweep in sections, so you don’t have to ride the entire course.   And we’ll start certain sections and specific times.   This is a great volunteer role if you know the local trails and want to get out there on your own bike.   Do not pass any racers, follow the last racer and encourage them to the end.  But you don’t need to ride their wheel either – give them some room if they ask for it.  Make sure you have a fully charged cell phone, so that you can call in with any medical issues/concerns to start/finish area. We’ll do a briefing before you depart to your section of the course, so you’ll have a more detailed plan for what to do in case of an emergency situation.